Why Prenatal Yoga and Beyond?

Prenatal Yoga and Beyond was founded by prenatal yoga teacher and mother Brenda Secora. She started this site with a vision to share her insights into not only prenatal yoga but also:

  • other safe movement forms during pregnancy and the postnatal period
  • the experience of pregnancy with all its joys, discomforts, and expectations
  • preparation for and the experience of labor and delivery
  • the “4th trimester” or post-natal period
  • motherhood and infant care

Hi, I’m Brenda Secora

Brenda Secora pregnant
Brenda Secora 39 weeks pregnant with her first daughter on her 34th birthday

I am a wife, mom to two little girls, and yoga teacher.  I’ve been teaching yoga in Northern Virginia since 2011.

My favorite kinds of yoga to teach are Prenatal, Postnatal, Vinyasa, and Yin. I am a pregnancy and birth junkie and am quite obsessed with pelvic floor health.

I am also a trained birth doula and really hope to put that education to use once I’m no longer breastfeeding around the clock. I LOVE talking about childbirth education and am in the process of becoming a childbirth educator.

I am incredibly passionate about empowering pregnant and postpartum people to be informed about their options in pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum. It is really important to me that we all have access to information and support during this transformative time in life.

I am a voracious student and google-er on all things relating to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum well-being and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my findings and experiences with others.

When not teaching or Ravenclawing, I enjoy watching sci-fi and playing strategy board games with my husband, dancing to 80’s music with my daughters, and snuggling with my pup (a 4 year old rescue named Tennant…after David Tennant, the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who).

When not homebound in baby/toddler nap jail, I love road biking, swimming, scuba diving, theater, and international traveling. My husband and I hope to live in various countries around the world once we retire.

You can find me teaching weekly prenatal and postnatal classes in Northern Virginia. Check out the Practice page for my current schedule.

My classes are focused on preventing and healing issues unique to pregnancy, with a strong emphasis on strength-building, pelvic floor health, community-building, and education.

To learn more about me, check out these articles:

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My Prenatal Yoga Philosophy

From Desk Job to Full Time Yoga Teacher


BSBA with a concentration in Finance, cum laude, American University, Washington, DC 2005 (translation: mega nerd with numbers and excel spreadsheets)

E-RYT 200, JOURNEYoga, Arlington, VA, 2011   (translation: “experienced registered yoga teacher, 200 hours,” a designation received after doing a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour yoga teacher training. The “E” means I have taught over 1,000 hours of yoga since graduating from the training…to date I am over 2,000 teaching hours.)

RPYT, Charm City Yoga, Baltimore, MD, 2012   (translation: “registered prenatal yoga teacher,” a designation received after doing a Yoga Alliance approved 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training)

20 Hour Kids Yoga training, YoKid, Washington, DC, 2012

16 Hour Yin Yoga training, Indira Kate Kalmbach, Arlington, VA 2016

DONA Birth Doula training, GracefulFusion, Washington, DC, 2018   (translation: now I’m even more obsessed with empowering you to have an informed and supported birth experience. If you want to know more about doulas or want a NoVa recommendation, contact me!)

Postnatal Fitness Specialist, JMG Fitness Academy, 2018   (translation: come talk to me about pelvic floor health, incontinence, painful sex, core dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, all exercise forms postpartum, and why pelvic floor/women’s health physical therapy should be a ROUTINE part of postpartum care)

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