Pain Management in Unmedicated Childbirth

sign on a concrete wall that reads everything is going to be alright

I decided I wanted to attempt an unmedicated childbirth when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Shortly after I discovered I was pregnant, one of my best friends sent me Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. Ina …

Mackenzie’s Birth Story

Mackenzie and Brenda after delivery


At 8:30pm on Sunday, April 15 I went to the bathroom and noticed my mucous plug had come out – slightly tinged pink and goopy. At 9 pm contractions like my previous Braxton Hicks started …

Moira’s Birth Story

Brenda, Walt, and baby Moira post delivery

NOTE: I wrote this birth story on the night that I gave birth to Moira, my first born.  I didn’t want to forget anything and I put a lot of details in for my own sake.  I chose not to …